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Me and Sarah

I’m interested in diversity, describing its distribution and forces that shape it. In my research I use and develop tools from systematics, evolutionary genetics and ecology to try to understand historical and contemporary forces that influence patterns of species diversity and patterns of genetic diversity within species.

In Fall 2016, I started as an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut.

If you are interested in the work I’ve done, here are my C.V. and my Google Scholar citation page.

I am an administrator/contributor at the group blog Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!, which covers new research in the fields of Evolution and Ecology. Check it out! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!


twitter: @NM_Reid
office:   860-486-6963

            University of Connnecticut
            Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
            91 North Eagleville Rd.
            Storrs, CT 06269

Postdoctoral advisor Andrew Whitehead’s webpage and the Department of Environmental Toxicology.

Ph.D institution, LSU. Geaux Tigers!

PhD advisor: Bryan Carstens at The Ohio State University.

M.S. advisor: Jack Sullivan at the University of Idaho.

The group blog I administer/contribute to: Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!

The Boston University Tropical Ecology Program, a fantastic experience that really fired up my interest in evolution and ecology as an undergrad.

My flickr photostream.